Stepping out of our comfort zone is hard!

Thursday, October 7, 2021 by Amy Clovis | CitrusMusikgarten

Stepping out of our comfort zone is hard for adults, and it’s harder when we watch our children do it. But the benefits are so much more wonderful than the moments of discomfort felt before this growth. This is a picture from this past spring and our music garden class this little boy was always the onlooker when we crawled through the hoops. But a moment of discomfort and… Cade decided to join the group and crawl through the hoops, this was big for him and we were allHolding our breath to see if he would do it. He did and I pray he was proud of himself, I was proud for him. It was awesome to watch him get out of his comfort zone. We all need to gather comfort zones in order to grow. Cade is thriving in preschool now and still talks about music class. If your child needs to make friends or just get determined to join in on an activity, over come back discomfort and sign up here., it will be so worth it!