Welcome to Baby Signs ®  baby sign language classes with Independent Certified Instructor Amy Clovis.   

For ages 6-36 months

Aug-Sept session is Tuesdays & Fridays for 3 weeks 

9:30 Tuesdays & Fridays 


10:15am Tuesdays & Fridays

Aug 27, 30

Sept 3,6,10,13

Class is approximately 30 minutes each day. No refunds.

Parents receive a parent handout of baby signs and songs covered each day of class, along with helpful ways to incorporate them into every day life, making communication between parent and child easy.

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Reviews by local Moms

“The interaction between adults and kids was nice especially for kids that don’t go to day care.

I also liked the book that showed pictures of the sign and also the printouts for moms to follow along is helpful when they’re not familiar with your classes” -Jasmine DiPietro

“I loved the class all together I thought it was really neat. My favorite part was the interactive hello/how are you today and goodbye songs. Also I thought the cards were great where they could see a picture of the sign as well.” - Isabella Nelson

”We really enjoyed the sign language songs🤩Caleb's favorite part was feeding Bobo💕Such good practice for him helping and talking with his sister also..creating that language bond with siblings 💓” -Aleisha Erskine 

“I liked the content and rhythm of the class. It felt like the right amount of words for me to remember and keep practicing with her, also introduced very organically to the kiddos. Loved the songs and the stuffy that you used, I thought that was so clever and cute!“ -Maria Loyo