What ages do we teach?

Baby Signs (baby sign language) 6 month-36 months) for babies and caregiver.

Citrus Musikgarten (group Mommy & Me) 9 months-4 year old class or 4-6 year old class

Piano - 3 years old and up 

Guitar & Ukulele - 7 years old to 16 years old


Is your child ready for music lessons?

Preschool piano lessons (ages 3-5) children need to be able to hold a crayon, enjoy listening to stories, able to follow two part instructions, potty trained, easily understood when speaking, the parent/caregiver is present in lesson.

Ages 6 & up, your child can count to 20, recite the alphabet, use a pair of scissors, mostly color within the lines, sit still for at least 10 minutes, pretends to play the instrument of choice, enjoys moving to music, learning to read words.

How much is tuition?

Piano & guitar lessons are a package rate of $120 per calendar month August 1,2023-May 30,2024 (weekly half hour class). 

Musikgarten classes are $40/month (weekly 45 minute classes)


Inclimate weather days and teacher sick days have been factored into the monthly tuition. 

We are an FES UA/PEP approved provider.  By paying monthly tuition, payer and student agree to the studio policies.

What is included in the lesson package?

Piano and guitar lessons are 30 minutes a week (student preparation time & leaving times are counted in this 30 minutes so come ready to play!) 

Lessons are in studio only. 

24 hour email lesson reminder. 

2 hour text message lesson reminder.
Monthly tips and studio news updates. 

 What does my student need?

Students need a piano, keyboard, guitar, or ukulele (rentals available) at home. 

How do makeup lessons work?

Please record your practice session and send it to your teacher for review via the Student Login page PRIOR to your lesson time.

How do I pay tuition?

Invoices are emailed on the 1st of the month. Autopay is available.

Tuition is due the 5th of each month.  
$25 late fee applies on the 6th. 

Any overpayment will be credited to the next month's tuition.

What is the studio schedule? 

July 4, 2024 no classes

We are open through the summer.(June & July)

Summer lessons?

3 options available 

1. Take lessons as normal in June & July, keep your spot for August

2. Take one month of lessons, keep your spot for August.

3. Take the summer off and sign up for August from the times available on the website, registration fee applies.

Where is the studio located?
760 W Hampshire Blvd. Suite 6 
 Citrus Springs, Fl. 34434  

Want to find us on a map? click here

How does renting an instrument work?

RENTALS are $30 a month, and autopay must be checked to rent and instrument, instruments are due back to the studio if a student discontinues lessons, or upgrades to their own instrument. Instruments need to be returned in clean, working order with the electric cables, music stands, strings & frets, etc intact. Otherwise a $60 fee will be charged to the student’s account.

Have any other questions?  
Please feel free to call, text or email, I will get back to you shortly.

Musically Yours, 
 Amy Clovis Piano Studio 
 Cell phone 352-270-8765 (you can text to this number too!) 
 email amyclovis@yahoo.com

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